The idea for Bootzies® came about one night when Christina was watching her infant daughter scoot across the floor while looking at some boots. She thought cowboy boots for Julia would be so cute! However, all attempts at keeping socks or shoes on her little feet always resulted in missing socks or shoes and inevitably bare feet. Since Julia was not yet walking, she also realized that boots would not be very comfortable or practical. Then the concept of boot tights came to mind and she decided this was a fashion item no baby or mommy should do without! Baby could scoot, crawl, walk, be comfortable, go shopping, not lose any socks or shoes and always look like her outfit was complete.

With help from a designer, inspiration from her daughter, and the motivation for Julia to fit into these before being in grade school, Christina made her concept a reality and is excited to share this product that she has created for all the mini fashionistas out there. Please check back often for new styles and colors. We hope you will enjoy our original designs of boot tights for your loved ones!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our selection of  Bootzies® – the Original Boot Tights for the little girl in your life!